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August, 2015:

A.C.C. Systems introduces a new accessory for the Trimble Ranger 3 / TSC3.

An adjustable shoulder strap.




Part Number: ACC-TSHL-3


  • Works with the Trimble desktop cradle accessory – no need to remove when docking!
  • Comfortable, non-slip neoprene neck / shoulder strap
  • Standard adjustable length straps: 16 inches (40 cm) – Contact us for customized lengths
  • Pull Strength Rating: 16 lbs (7.2kg)
  • Includes two (2) Philips head screws for fast installation Warranty: 12-Months



Press Release – May 5, 2015

Bohemia, NY – USA

The State of Colorado Department of Revenue has selected the AB700 RFID handheld reader from A.C.C. Systems Inc. for the management of medicinal marijuana plants. The Department of Revenue requires the use of a radio frequency identification system for the management of organic plant growth and has qualified and selected the AB700 RFID reader to assist with legal compliance.

The AB700 handheld RFID reader with the Impinj Indy R2000 RFID reader chip will ensure the fastest and most reliable scanning of all EPC ultra-high frequency (UHF) tagged plants and related assets.

Systems Integrators and other government agencies including NASA have selected A.C.C. Systems’ line of RFID readers after bench testing all competing devices.

For more information, please contact:

A.C.C. Systems, Inc.
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Web: www.accsystemsinc.com
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A.C.C. Systems Review of the HandHeld Nautiz X8 Rugged PDA



October 2014 – Bohemia, NY :

What makes the Nautiz X8 different from competitive products on the market?

The Nautiz X8 not only meets MIL-STD specifications and IP ratings common to other devices on the market but has unique properties that differ from other alternative products.

The Nautiz X8 has a very large 4.7” capacitive touch display AND physical numeric keypad for easy data entry. Typically industrial devices boast a 3.5” screen size with small physical keypad for data entry OR a full screen with no keypad. On-screen navigation is no longer a hassle when holding the Nautiz X8. In both landscape and portrait mode the user can swipe across the screen and even manage tasks that used to be painstaking due to small screen sizes (such as managing a mobile spreadsheet).

Noteworthy Integrated Features & Specifications

A few features really stand out when using the Nautiz X8. Before even turning the device on any current user of mobile computers will agree that the X8 is shockingly light in weight. Considering the large display and installed 12 hour battery the X8 only weighs 17 oz. which is 20% less than industry leading 3.5” screen devices.

The X8 was clearly developed with the idea in mind that HandHeld didn’t want to isolate users of a particular operating system preference. The Nautiz X8 can be configured with either Windows Embedded HandHeld (Windows Mobile) or Android which is excellent for users of either preference. Install an off-the-shelf Windows Mobile program such as ESRI’s ArcPad or deploy your own enterprise Android app – in either case enjoy your software on a stunningly bright 600 NIT outdoor visible screen (even in direct sunlight).

Our overall impression

Feel free to contact our product sales manager at A.C.C. Systems, Inc. For further information or to purchase this device, please visit our website: www.accsystemsinc.com The Nautiz X8 most certainly raises the bar in the rugged mobile computing industry. The X8 takes all of the favorable features found in other devices and combines them into one package (battery life, screen size, display brightness, OS selection, cell modem option). Based on performance, price and features, the X8 will most likely dominate in the GIS, Land Surveying, Construction, and Forestry industries.

Nicholas Addonisio
Telephone:  1-800-333-6335, Extension 21
Email: nick@accsystemsinc.com

NASCAR and Goodyear track tires at the racetrack

Press Release NASCAR and Goodyear track tires at the racetrack

Monday, June 28, 2011

Charlotte, North Carolina

“Gentlemen start your engines”

NASCAR, the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, has begun scanning racecar tires embedded with RFID chips with handheld RFID readers from ACC Systems Inc. of Bohemia, N.Y.

NASCAR, the second-most-watched sporting event behind the National Football League has three major divisions; the Craftsman Truck Series, Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series. While none of the vehicles in the three different divisions look the same, nor do they perform equally, all three groups share one thing in common — each NASCAR vehicle must use Goodyear Racing Eagle tires.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR

That’s a lot of tires — and Goodyear can identify each one thanks to an RFID chip embedded in every tire.


Goodyear and NASCAR work together to develop tires for each of the three NASCAR series. Since tires are so critical for safety, NASCAR and Goodyear have determined the best compounds for the inside and outside tires for each track, and these are the tire compounds that the teams are required to use. At any given race, there are several thousand tires involved. A Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) computer chip is implanted in the sidewall of each NASCAR radial racing tire. With these individually numbered RFID chips, Goodyear has the ability to insure that every tire brought to the track is returned. *

When Goodyear tests tires, they select certain drivers from each of the four manufacturers in NASCAR and pick tracks they would like to use to acquire data. These drivers bring their own cars and teams and run lap after lap at the designated tracks. Tire engineers record tire temperature and other data to take back to the manufacturing plant where chemists will determine the proper compound to use when they make new tires.

Prior to the 2006 racing season, NASCAR teams purchased tires from Goodyear at each race event. Some of the well-funded teams, such as Hendrick Motorsports, Rousch-Fenway Racing (Rousch Racing then) and Joe Gibbs Racing were purchasing more tires than they could use during a race weekend and would often use their excess tires during testing throughout the season. NASCAR officials believed the big teams were getting an unfair advantage through this surplus tire testing method so they implemented a leasing program at the beginning of the 2006 season. Since then, Goodyear has leased tires to every NASCAR team during race weekends. Once the tires are used, the teams return them to Goodyear for recycling. **

In order to keep track of the tires, Goodyear implants small radio frequency identification, or RFID chips, inside each tire.

In addition to race day tires, Goodyear also leases 200 tires to Sprint Cup, 160 tires to Nationwide Series teams and 120 tires to Craftsman Truck Series teams to be used on non-sanctioned tracks for tire testing. The RFID chips allow NASCAR to monitor the testing.

In the past, tire testing was seen as a nuisance by some teams. But in an attempt to equalize the competition and lower costs, NASCAR continues to limit the number of tire tests that teams can conduct throughout the season. Tire tests are suddenly a hot commodity as testing is now at a premium.

Teams can go through as many as 12 sets of tires during a race, depending on which track the cars are racing on.

Goodyear chooses what tire to bring to each race track based on the data gathered from testing and past races.

The Nationwide and Craftsman Truck series have tire rules that limit the number of sets of tires teams can use for each race.

At every race, NASCAR officials use the ACC570 RFID handheld readers to verify that each team car is using only authorized Goodyear tires.

*    From the article How NASCAR Tire Technology Works by Josh Briggs

**  www.goodyear.com

ACC Systems Inc. is an international Distributor, Manufacturer and OEM Supplier of RFID Readers, Tags, and Accessories to Systems Integrators, VARs and government agencies serving the Supply Chain, Healthcare, Asset Identification, tracking and Real-Time Inventory, ACC Systems Inc. is also the producer of the first Tri-frequency handheld reader.

For more information contact

Victor M. Sackett

ACC Systems Inc.

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Ph: 631-750-9238      Fx: 631-750-9241

vsackett@accsystemsinc.com  www.accsystemsinc.com

The ACC ANDY-500 Android 4.1 OS UHF Handheld Reader

Feb. 10, 2014 – Bohemia, N.Y. – A.C.C. Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of wireless portable hand-held data collection devices in compliance with EPC- Global and the Department of Defense requirements, today announced that the ANDY-500 RFID Android OS mobile handheld computer is now shipping.


The ACC ANDY-500      

At about half the size of the Motorola MC9090, smaller and lighter than the MC3190 and more durable (IP65) than any of its competitors, this work-horse reader outperforms every popular brand of RFID handheld on the market today. Its Android OS also outperforms the Microsoft PDA OS versions with more and better buttons, faster browser, better speech recognition and ability to create mobile Hotspots. Beyond outstanding performance, the ANDY-500 also offers more add-on features than its better-known bulky competitors. Choose from GSM/GPRS, CDMA, HSDPA to GPS and from 1D/2D barcode to 5.0 MP flash camera all on the same unit with UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth and Gun handle w/extra Lithium-Ion 3.7v 4,400 mAh rechargeable battery.

The ANDY-500’s primary internal battery offers a Lithium-Ion 3.7v 2,260mAH and a back-up Lithium-Ion 3.7v 80mAh both rechargeable and replaceable. The main battery is good for 9 hours with the 2D barcode imager based on 500 scans in one work day. Aside from the standard WiFi, it also supports the 5GHz WLAN. In addition to reading EPC GEN 2 Tags, the UHF model also reads ISO/IEC 18000-6B tags. The powerful ANDY-500 integrated RFID module enables it to outperform the major brand readers. If 13.56MHz tags are present, the HF model reads ISO 15693 and Mifare, ISO 14443 Type A and B tags.

Along with higher margins for resellers this makes the ANDY-500 the obvious choice for professional and industrial strength RFID handhelds for your top clients. A limited number of discounted UHF Starter/Demo kits are available. Call for pricing.

The Starter Kit includes a color touch screen(480 x 800 pixels), UHF for C1G2, WiFi and 1D barcode laser, 2260mAh battery, power supply, USB data cable, SDK, demo software, source code, user manual, one year warranty & sample tags.

Additional features from the Option Price List can be added to the Starter Kit.

No other RFID reader on the market can compare to the performance and handling of the ANDY-500.

ACC handheld readers are currently being used by NASA for duty on the International Space Station. Disney and NASCAR also use these readers to track costumes and racing tires respectively. If your project requires a Mobile 6.5 OS check out our AB700 device.

Lead time is 10 business days.

A.C.C. Systems Review of the HandHeld Nautiz X1 Rugged Smartphone

This review encompasses several areas of discussion regarding one of the newest products from the HandHeld Group: The Nautiz X1 Rugged Smartphone



What make the Nautiz X1 different from consumer grade phones? The Nautiz X1 will arguably be the world’s most rugged smartphone. In addition to “over-the-top” features, the Nautiz X1 boasts ruggedness ratings that exceed those of any consumer grade phone. The X1 can operate from -4° F to 140° F under its MIL-STD-810G rating. The X1 would operate flawlessly up to 15,000 ft in altitude and can operate normally after 26 drops to the ground from a 4 ft height! As if it couldn’t get any better, the X1 is IP67 rated – this means that you can hold your phone under water for up to 30 minutes without risking damage to your device. IP67 also means that this phone is fully dust-proof. In addition to these extreme humidity and vibration ratings mean that your Nautiz X1 can go wherever you can go without limitation. Pitch your existing phone and bulky protective case and get your hands on the X1 today!

Integrated Features & Specifications:  Sure, the Nautiz X1 phone might sound invincible but how do its specifications compare to existing phones on the market? The X1 has a large 4” capacitive touch screen which makes navigation within the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS seamless. Do you prefer the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system? No problem – the device is available in either configuration. The X1 has a full 1GHz processor complemented by 1GB RAM meaning that it should be capable of any large scale program implemented onto the device. Integrated features include Bluetooth, WiFi, 5MP Camera and a U-Blox GPS Chipset. You will absolutely be impressed by the scratch-resistant screen that is actually visible in sunlight!

Our overall impression: We anticipate that HandHeld will make a very large impression among consumer grade cell phone manufacturers. This unlocked device is not only competitively priced, but can be used on several networks for users with a strong carrier preference or those with restricted network availability. Competitive products will not be able to compete as HandHeld:

-Offers 3-year factory warranties for the Nautiz X1 for a minimal cost
-Has the expertise necessary to provide solutions to users in industrial environments
-Continues to offer exceptional service unlike that of large consumer grade cell phone manufacturers


For further information or to purchase this device, please visit our website:

                                           ACC WEB STORE. 

Feel free to contact our product sales manager at A.C.C. Systems, Inc.:

Nicholas Addonisio
Telephone:  1-800-333-6335, Extension 21
Email: nick@accsystemsinc.com