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Handheld Scanners

ACC870 UHF GunPortable data terminals are typically configured as Hand-Held Computers, Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), Laptop and NoteBook Computers, and ruggedized data collectors. Portable terminals have been traditionally used for collecting data via keyboard input, bar code scanner, magnetic swipe reader and WiFi network connections.

Some portable data terminals have now integrated some variety of RFID readers into their construction. This may be seen as an integral part of the unit itself or as a plug-on accessory or peripheral device that adds RFID read and write capability.

RFID enabled portables offer relatively low power and limited function reading capability. They operate from onboard battery supplies that must conserve power consumption.

Ultra High Frequency

  • ACC 870
  • ACC 671 HF or UHF

High Frequency

  • ACC 2100
  • ACC 970