Nomad 800LC

Trimble Nomad 800LC
1gb with WLAN, Bluetooth, Camera and GPS
Adaptable and fully functional.
Trimble Nomad® outdoor rugged handheld computer makes it easy to collect, save and transmit data with its many built-in capabilities. You pick the features to suit your needs. Compute your location with the integrated GPS receiver for navigation applications.

Key Features:
Outdoor rugged design MIL-STD-810F and IP67
Sunlight viewable touch screen display
MIL-STD-810F compliant means improved solution reliability; lower cost to support; lower total cost of ownership
No bulky sealing boxes means increased usability of product; higher end user satisfaction
Lightweight (1.3 lb including battery)
15-hour Li Ion hot swappable rechargeable battery
Windows Mobile 6 software
Standardized Development Platform
Information Management ease
Best platform for business
806 MHz processor, 128 MB SDRAM, 1 GB non-volatile Flash storage
One of the fastest processors in the Windows Mobile device market.
No moving parts enables robust performance in extreme temperature and vibration
Integrated wireless capabilities: GPS, 802.11g, Bluetooth
Easy connection to other devices, networks and Internet
Leverage location-based applications for greater productivity and cost-reduction
No accessories or coding required
2 megapixel digital camera
Easy and crisp data capture
Productivity enhancement: photo vs form or written notes
geospatial inspection ready
Expandability options
CompactFlash (CF) slots for more devices
Secure digital (SDIO) memory slot
USB Host (3G Cellular Data Modem compatible)
USB Client
12-month manufacturer warranty
PDA or Numeric keypad