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The Multi Frequency Wand Reader

The Multi Frequency RFID Read/Write-Device with Industrial BLUETOOTH

Bluetooth Class1, up to 100 m

Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Trigger ON/OFF Motion Sensor – Low Power


Optional ATEX approved

Intrinsically Safe

RFID & Barcode 2D Imager



LED Indicators, Piezo Buzzer

Optional Cable Version

USB or RS232 Interface

Long life Battery Pack

IP67 – Rugged and Encapsulated

Housing with Shock Absorbers

Dome- and Flexi Versions

Exceptional Features

It has an integrated RFID and Barcode scanner and a powerful Bluetooth interface. Connects to Handhelds, PCs, Laptops und even Mobile Telephones.

An easy way to make your handheld to a RFID reader (writer), using this feature it saves money. No need to buy expensive and high integrated PDTs. You get full flexibility in reading with no extra costs because you could use your standard hand held computers and terminals and read RFID.

The RFID module supports most common ISO 18000 RFID technologies (such UHF, ISO 15693, ISO14333 Mifare, LF, ISO animal, etc…

RFID: MultiTag support for UHF (868, 926 MHz) or HF (13,56 MHz) or LF (125 / 134 kHz)

Barcode scanner: 2D imager for all barcodes and 2D barcodes

Bluetooth Class1 up to 100m, Bluetooth 2.0 with ERD

Powerful micro processor, flexible protocol converter

Housing robust design industrial, glass fiber enforced, rugged modular design IP67, encapsulated housing

Sealing rings, shock absorbers, roll away protection

Compact powerful battery pack LiIon 4500 mAh

FlexiScan Version with flexible antennas

Optional ATEX approved intrinsically safe ATEX E EX nL IIC T6

LEDs for power and communication, Piezo Beeper

ON/OFF motion sensor for low power consumption, no trigger

Cable version with USB or RS232 interface

Optional wrist strap, pistol grip or magnet holder

Cradle with car battery charger

Lowest price Flexi Version for Difficult Applications

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