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ACC-809 Multiple Protocol UHF RFID Desktop Reader

Multiple Protocol UHF RFID Desktop Reader

 Model: ACC-809 (USB)

General description:

The ACC-809 is a  high  perform ance  Multiple  Protocol  UHF  RFID  Reader based  on propriet ary  efficient  digital  signal  processing algorithms. It  supports  fast  tag  read/write operations  with  a high  identification  rate. The ACC-809’s low cost, small size with integrated antenna make it ideal for many RFID applications such as POS (point of sale), commissioning tags for assets, simulate keyboard data entry, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, healthcare and attendance systems etc.

The ACC-809 USB reader simply plugs into a desktop or notebook PC and integrates with existing hardware systems to instantaneously enable a wide range of data entry applications.

The ACC-809 does what no other desktop reader can do. Aside from Commissioning tags at the desktop, the ACC-809 can be configured with additional options enabling it to send RFID tag data to:

•     any data field on a PC screen as though it came from the keyboard

•     write a text file on the hard drive of the connected PC

•     any website in the Cloud equipped to receive tag data

•     run in the background to read tags when presented to the reader


*Supports ISO18000 -6B, ISO18000 -6C (EPC C1G2) tag protocol

*902~928MHz frequency band (frequency custom ization optional)

*FHSS or Fixed Frequency transmission

*RF output power up to 10dbm (adjustable)

*No external power source needed

*Built -in antenna with effective distance up to 200m m ( 8″)*

*Supports USB1.1 interface with VSP (Virtual Serial Po rt) or HID mode

*Slim form factor

* SDK and demo software to facilitate further developm ent

* User Manual for reader and demo program


For IT professional use, the ACC-809 RFID reader is a low cost platform for developing and deploying interactive read/write applications. With a software adjustable read distance the ACC-809 supports a variety of practical uses including:

•      RFID tag programming stations

•      Manufacturing tracking WIP workstations

•      Check in/out assets like tools and supplies

•      Healthcare patient or Club member check in/out

•      Document tracking (legal, medical etc.)

•      Library books check in/out

•      Event and hospitality solutions

•      Retail point of sale

Application Descriptions


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