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The USB Dongle  Prox card readers are designed for customers seeking to leverage their existing card system for applications beyond physical security. Engineered to work with nearly all proximity and contactless smart card technologies, the readers provide error-free identification for over 300 million physical access proximity cards worldwide.

Featuring plug-n-play functionality, no required software, and embedded configurable flash memory, these readers are ready to integrate with nearly all operating systems, applications, and embedded controllers.

In most common uses, the reader emulates a keyboard and keystrokes the card’s ID and/or site code to the cursor’s location on the screen. The reader can be configured to add keystrokes before and after the card’s data.

The innovative USB Dongle card reader incorporates all the features of the larger readers into an ultra compact, cable-free format. Available in the same configurations as the full size models, the dongle adds a unique level of portability to a variety of card reading needs.



• Application log-on

• Employee identification

• Time and attendance

• Identification

• Embeddable for Original Equipment Manufacturers

125 kHz Proximity

Portable card reader for identification and enrollment of proximity and contactless smart cards.


Easy interface: The USB Dongle connects directly to USB

port and sends data as keystrokes.

Compatibility: Compatible with Windows® CE, 98, 2000,

XP, Vista, 7, Macintosh® and Linux. No client side software is needed.

Improves accuracy of information and productivity:

Eliminates errors associated with individual identification.

Meets medical/healthcare HIPAA requirements: When used as a log-on reader.


Typical maximum read range: 1.0” – 3.0” (2.5 – 7.6cm)

dependent upon proximity card type and environmental conditions

Dimensions: 2.875 x 1 inch

Weight: 0.5 oz

Power supply and interface: USB self-powered

Indicators: Tri-state LED

Transmit frequency: 125 kHz for pcProx USB Dongle,

13.56 MHz for AIR ID USB Dongle

Operating temperature range: -22° to 150°F (-30° to 65°C)

Operating humidity range: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Storage temperature range: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)

Certifications: FCC, United States; CE Mark Europe, C-TICK, RoHS, Industry Canada

Warranty: One year for material/workmanship defects; see complete policy for details.

Supported Cards—pcProx 125 kHz

Partial List



Indala 26 bit

Kantech ioProx





G-Prox II


Keri 26 bit


Supported Cards—AIR ID 13.56 MHz

Partial List

ISO 14443A (32, 56, 80 bits)

ISO 15693A (A format, 64 bits)

ISO 15693B (B format, 56 bits)

ISO 15693B (C format, 48 bits)

HID iCLASS (64 bits CSN)

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