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R-2000 Series

The R-2000 Series Ultra Long Range RFID Reader detects and decodes RF transmitted signals from 1st Choice Tags.

R-2000 Series Readers can connect to third party software systems using RS232/RS422 and/or connect to any Access Control System usingWiegand protocol.

Tags and Readers provide an accurate and real-time ability to detect, track, control and monitor vehicles, assets and personnel. This dynamic technology can be applied to operations and processes in all types of
* Adjustable read range : 1’-600’ with standard Antennas – Longer range with special Antennas
* R-2000-S includes RS422 multidrop connection in serial network mode
* R-2000-W outputsWiegand 26/32 bit for direct connection to Access Control Systems and serial RS-232/422 for custom software solutions
* R-2000-W includes Adjustable Wiegand multi-tag buffering for use with Access Control Systems
* Reader status indication LEDs
* Plug-in tool kit for field programming and adjustments
* Simultaneous multiple Tag read capability
* Both Omni-Directional and Directional Antennas are available
* PROTRAC Dynamic Tag Tracking
* Secure Encrypted Transmission between Tags and Readers

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