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1st Choice T-8000 Long Range Vehicle Tags easily identify Automobiles, Trucks, Buses and towed Trailers for Gate Access Control at Military Bases, Airports, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Trucking and Bus Terminals, Mines, Single Family Homes, and all kinds of Commercial Facilities. When combined with T-9000 Personnel Badges, you can functionally link Drivers to Vehicles, Trucks and Cars to Trailers, and Portable Construction Equipment to Trailers, Trucks and Employees. For “high security” applications Tags can be covertly hidden in or on a vehicle as they do not have to be “seen” by the Long Range Passive R-2000 Readers to be correctly identified. T-8000 Vehicle Tags can also be mounted directly to windshields with “metallic glass” if necessary or desired.

The transmitted tag data includes Customer Site Code, Wiegand Facility Code, Wiegand/ Tag ID, Tag Age, Motion Alarm and
Tamper Alarm. For protection against environmental conditions, 1st Choice Industrial Tags are ultrasonically sealed in a moulded
plastic case during the manufacturing process.
Long Range RFID Asset and Vehicle Tag
* Easily attaches to all surfaces, including metal
* Vehicle Tags can be monitored at 300+ mph
* PROTRAC Dynamic Tag Tracking
* Up to 5 years battery life warranty
* High impact resistant UV stabilized PVC case ultrasonically welded and sealed
* Adjustable Read Range: 1’ – 600’ with Standard Antennas. Longer Range with special Antennas
* Optional Tamper Switch and Motion Sensing Capability
* Secure Encrypted Transmission between Tags and Readers
* Tag Transmissions include battery life indicators
* Tag transmits Serial ASCII data and 26 bit Wiegand coding for Access Control Systems T-8000

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