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Software Solutions

Easy to Install
Integrates with Existing Legacy Inventory Systems
Hierarchical Relationship Assignment Capability
Inventory of servers within respective racks or assets/boxes upon shelves
Simple integration to legacy systems
Handheld Capture both RFID and Barcode Infrastructure

An RFID handheld inventory application made simple to use and easy to install.
Trak-Inventory was created to allow a company to migrate to an
RFID capture system and still use its existing inventory applications.
That system may be an existing bar code based system, or a legacy
server or mainframe system.
Trak-Inventory may also be utilized where one has an existing RFID inventory system based on the utilization of fixed reader technology

Trak-Inventory allows the user to:

-Transfer legacy inventory information to an Excel Spreadsheet, XML file or CSV file
-Arrange information in a hierarchical fashion, that is:-items to a particular shelf servers to a rack/cabinet assets to a particular room or zone.

-Transfer or synchronize the inventory list to designated handheld devices
-Visually display and highlight the captured, misplaced ormissed inventory items on the handheld screen during the inventory process.
-Transfer or synchronize the completed inventory back to a server and place it in a CSV file, spreadsheet or data file

Off the shelf and custom solutions are available.

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