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ACC Systems Is a Certified Trimble Repair Facility

ACC Systems is a certified Trimble repair facility capable of servicing  the Nomad 5, Yuma 7, Yuma, Nomad (800 & 900), Ranger X, Ranger 3, Ranger 7 / TSC7, TCS2, Recon, Recon X, CU Controller and LM80 Series data collectors. Our technicians have been trained and certified by Trimble to do both in warranty and out of warranty repairs. Our technicians have over 25 years experience in service and repairs. ACC Systems can offer customers a savings both in cost and turn around time. Call Lou Caporaso at 800-333-6335 or email (lcaporaso@accsystemsinc.com) for additional information.

ACC Systems Introduces the Pro900 RFID Reader

July 2018: The ACC Pro900 is an Android rugged mobile computer. It features 8000mAh powerful battery, barcode scanning, as well as high-level UHF RFID capability. It can be equipped with R2000 linearly (1.8dBi) or circularly (4.0dBi) polarized antenna. That it can read tags in bulk from long distances enables enterprises to deploy this single device in many areas with enhanced efficiency, especially in asset management, retail, warehousing, fleet management, etc


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