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This review encompasses multiple facets regarding the newest product from the HandHeld Group: The Algiz 10X Rugged Tablet

 Integrated Features: As usual, HandHeld has delivered a product that includes every popular integrated feature commonly requested by end users. The Algiz 10X has integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5MP Camera, & Optional Cellular Data Modem. Its full Windows 7 operating system allows for external accessories and peripherals such as barcode scanners and RFID readers. A feature to emphasize is the integrated U-Blox GPS which is becoming more prevalent in the industry as demand for this amazing WAAS capable GPS continues to grow.

Specifications: The Algiz 10X offers an “excellent bang for your buck” with 4GB of RAM, hard drive capacity that can go up to 128GB SSD, and the latest in cellular modem technology. Imagine walking around with the computing power of a full desktop PC and additionally having the wireless connectivity of a smartphone all in the palm of your hand!

Display: One of the most valuable assets that the Algiz 10X boasts is its incredible display. While the 1366×768 pixel high resolution display is impressive, take note of HandHeld’s MaxView specification. The MaxView screen is arguably the best display for outdoor viewing among any rugged or consumer grade tablet on the market. The MaxView technology on the Algiz 10X does not absorb light and provide a dark screen like that of competitors VGA screens, nor does it allow for significant reflectivity like that consumer grade capacitive touch products. The Algiz 10X is instead equipped with a 10.1” LED backlight, resistive touch screen which is ideal for users that require a mobile computer for a full day of work!

Our overall impression: The IP65 rated Algiz 10X could very well set the industry standard for rugged field tablets. Competitors will most likely follow suite with the larger 10” screen size as the Algiz 10X should displace existing 7” display devices. Competitive products will hardly be worthy of “substitutes” as HandHeld:

-Offers 3-year factory warranties for the Algiz 10X at a “can’t refuse” price
-Sets the bar to a difficult-to-reach level in terms of outdoor screen visibility
-Continues to offer superior products with exceptional customer service

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