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October 2014 – Bohemia, NY :

What makes the Nautiz X8 different from competitive products on the market?

The Nautiz X8 not only meets MIL-STD specifications and IP ratings common to other devices on the market but has unique properties that differ from other alternative products.

The Nautiz X8 has a very large 4.7” capacitive touch display AND physical numeric keypad for easy data entry. Typically industrial devices boast a 3.5” screen size with small physical keypad for data entry OR a full screen with no keypad. On-screen navigation is no longer a hassle when holding the Nautiz X8. In both landscape and portrait mode the user can swipe across the screen and even manage tasks that used to be painstaking due to small screen sizes (such as managing a mobile spreadsheet).

Noteworthy Integrated Features & Specifications

A few features really stand out when using the Nautiz X8. Before even turning the device on any current user of mobile computers will agree that the X8 is shockingly light in weight. Considering the large display and installed 12 hour battery the X8 only weighs 17 oz. which is 20% less than industry leading 3.5” screen devices.

The X8 was clearly developed with the idea in mind that HandHeld didn’t want to isolate users of a particular operating system preference. The Nautiz X8 can be configured with either Windows Embedded HandHeld (Windows Mobile) or Android which is excellent for users of either preference. Install an off-the-shelf Windows Mobile program such as ESRI’s ArcPad or deploy your own enterprise Android app – in either case enjoy your software on a stunningly bright 600 NIT outdoor visible screen (even in direct sunlight).

Our overall impression

Feel free to contact our product sales manager at A.C.C. Systems, Inc. For further information or to purchase this device, please visit our website: www.accsystemsinc.com The Nautiz X8 most certainly raises the bar in the rugged mobile computing industry. The X8 takes all of the favorable features found in other devices and combines them into one package (battery life, screen size, display brightness, OS selection, cell modem option). Based on performance, price and features, the X8 will most likely dominate in the GIS, Land Surveying, Construction, and Forestry industries.

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